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About Us

South Pacific Memories is the oasis we search for when traveling; the perfect spot to unwind, relax, explore, and recharge while making everlasting memories.

South Pacific Memories is a small family-owned resort, fifteen minutes from the town center, at a calm and quiet beach at the Pango peninsula, overlooking the entrance to the harbor of Port Vila.

The resort is brand new, built during the strange years of 2020 and 2021, and ready to receive you in March 2022. The four bungalows have their veranda and a roof terrace for your private star-gazing night. Ask, and we will equip your roof space with hammocks or a fire pit.

The main house has an intimate restaurant and our shared green tree-top Cathedral overlooking the swimming pool and the beach, and will always offer you a nice breeze. Here is where we start our day with a fresh breakfast, deciding what suits your needs and wishes for the day.

Our beachfront invites you to spend the day in and out of the turquoise ocean water, swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving, or bring your book to a shady spot and let your toes melt into the coral sand. Let the beauty of the sun setting into the pacific ocean sweep you away. Every day.

Memories come with starry nights and bonfires, the sound of the ocean waves. Let us do storytelling by the fire together, or celebrate your recharging by yourself. The stars and the moon come close in the dark South Pacific nights.

Making Memories is for everyone. We know that it is difficult to explore the South Pacific Islands in a wheelchair, so we made this space suitable for you too. The owners, Anne and Petter, are PADI and HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association) Dive Instructors, yoga and yoga breath- instructors.

We started building South Pacific Memories in January 2020, it was only the big, old trees that were here.

The pandemic, with closed borders and limited possibilities to import products as the building of South Pacific Memories progressed, challenged us to find new solutions.

The cupboard doors are made here at South Pacific Memories from local Pandanus leaves, and tables and bed tables are made by left over materials. We are proud to say we have hardly any left over materials from the making of South Pacific Memories that has not been used!

And you know, as time passes, suddenly one feels more than confident with solutions that offer less cost and footprint. Memories don’t come with price tags.

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