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On Annes Reef

We often meet moray eels, turtles, cuttlefish, sea snakes, and garden eels.

Every now and then we are in for great encounters with dugongs, octopus, nautilus, shark, sting rays and manta rays.

We have not yet met dolphins while diving, but a nice school of Dolphins passes our beach several times a week, so one day!! Maybe you could be the first?

We do courses and fun dives at our own House Reef, that is home to an amazing variety and amount of reef fish.

Having done hundreds of dives here, many of the inhabitants know us well, and come nice and close to say hello and of course check out our new guests.

You can expect to meet several angelfish, surgeonfish, heaps of butterflyfish and damselfish in all colours and patterns, nemo lives here, together with Jacks and groupers, breams, fusiliers, lionfish and the beautiful smaller inhabitants, like nudibranchs and worms.

The House Reef has three sandy decks on depth levels which makes the reef a perfect dive spot for all divers, and of course for dive training: “The Dugong Deck” (yes, named after several dugong encounters right there) at 8 meters depth, “The Stingray Deck” (also named after amazing Sting ray encounters) at 10-12 meter and “Rock Star City” at 12 -18 meters (yes, this is where we meet the true Rock stars of the Reef).

The Drop Off starts at 20 meters and has a nice wall.

As the reef system has a lot of cracks and caves, it is very interesting for night diving.

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